Inn at Laurel Point, Victoria, British Columbia

Inn at Laurel Point is a beautifully designed 5 stars hotel situated at 680 Montreal Street, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Inn at Laurel Point is situated at the busiest part of the city. Extra facilities include a coffee bar, airport shuttle and free use of nearby fitness center.

Victoria City Hall is among the top places of interest in this area. Inn at Laurel Point is a great choice for those who are interested in shopping, cheap accommodation and cinemas.

The Parkside Hotel & Spa’s environment and great atmosphere can make guests real kinky in here with their loved ones. The architecture of this building is impressive, majestic and expensive-looking. The quality of rooms is obvious as they are separate from the hustle and bustle, airy and immaculate.

Gracious, helpful and well trained staff guides the guests about the local area knowledge. Online testimonials about this hotel imply that the self-parking garage, super cozy rooms and great sports facilities are the most outstanding and most discussed features of this hotel.

The hotel staff takes pride to say hello to the incoming new guests.The hotel also features lobby and special rooftop lounge with a 360 view.

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